Characteristics of the Beach
Although the beach serves as a beautiful environment for portraits, every day is different and unpredictable. Each sunset and sunrise offers a different sky with varied colors in which to photograph. Certain days on the beach prove hazy, overcast or extremely sunny. As with all outdoor locations, the beach is also subject to harsh weather conditions and storms.

Despite all these variables at the beach, one characteristic always remains true on the beach-wind. Since it is always windy on the beach, hair will be blown. This may be a grave concern for some striving for “picture perfect” hair. If the thought of having wind blown hair in your portrait upsets you, perhaps a different environment would better suit your portraiture needs.

A few minor obstacles remain in holding a photography session on the beach. You may be adverse to sand which may cause a problem with posing since we often have groups sit in the sand. As we mentioned earlier, a sunrise session would minimize people on the beach. Fishermen and dogs, however, may appear at any time during your beach session. While most are compliant, it does serve a minor obstacle to creating the best possible portrait for you.

If you find that the beach does not meet your portraiture needs, consider an alternative location for your session. We would be more than happy to hold your session at a more convenient location or in our studio.

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